8 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Spend Money on Branding to Sustain in Market

Brand is an invaluable asset of any business organization. A brand coherently represents the perception of the company’s customer services, product, reputation advertising and logo. When all of these attributes are working aptly, the overall brand tends to be healthy. Your brand is the way your consumers preview and accept as. Branding is the planned process of connecting your brand product to your mainline customers and creating an impactful perception of your company. No! Branding is not mer

Know the Importance of Product Packaging Design in Branding & Marketing

Do you want to know the importance of product packaging design in a branding context? Packaging design is the most important factor in marketing as consumer will first get to know about your business from product packaging design. Manufacturers are annually spending over $150 billion in product packaging globally. This roughly corresponds to about 7 to 10 cents that goes into bringing a product to the market. Much of the packaging design aims to make products look attractive, make consumption co
Packaging Design