Brand Guideline Creation

Brand Guideline Creation

The competitive era demands for a standardized and systematic creation of brand identity. The brand guideline service includes the overview of your brand’s establishment, brand visions, mission and history, personality and key values. Proper guideline creation assures that your brand is handled consistently in the branding aspects. Brand guidelines are an essential to document that describes and defines what your brand looks likes in visual media. Brand guidelines should be flexible enough for designers to be creative but rigid enough to keep your brand easily recognizable.

Aayam with its core team of creative mind helps you create your business brand’s guidelines which make a different platform for your brand. Aayam efficiently designs the whole brand guideline and brand strategy through continuous brainstorming to know your requirements regarding the product. We also focus on the particular market in which your brand perfectly fits.  Aayams brand guideline creation service includes:

Overview of your brand history, vision and key values.

Logo usage: Where and how to use your brand logo including sizes, spacing and specifications.

Colour palette: Introducing your primary and secondary colour palette with colour breakdowns for print, screen and the web.

Business card and letterhead: The attractive designs of various business cards and layouts of letter pads are also shown its origin through the brand guidelines.

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