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Wind of revolution is spreading to dominate brand of Cars. Within one month Two major VW and BMW come up with logo revamp Which quite stunning. There is significant uproar online regarding the way the emblem treat. But Time will tell us how this will be successful.

Both brands go for minimalist and explain that this will reflect the upcoming change in the product catalogue. The minimalist logo is the latest trend. A minimal approach is clean and comfortable to implement on the product or packaging or promotion. Its small world now and people notice little things also. And some branding so much loved that people refuse to take any change and company roll back the change, which happens to

Top 7 Emerging Product Packaging Design Trends for 2017

We trust what we see! Isn’t it true? We believe what our eyes see, ie. it tends to be a direct reflection of the object to our brain through the eyes. The packaging design market runs by the same policy. Packaging designs are the exterior outlook of the product. An attractive package design tends to imprint impactful impression on the viewer or the customer in precise. The packaging designing holds much of importance in captivating the attention of the customers through its innovative and expressive way of presentation in the market. Hence packaging designs must always stand out in the product shelf along with the impactful varieties of package designs upholding the essence of the product

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6 Offbeat Branding Ideas to Consider in 2017 to Boost Popularity

Stories have always remained the primal force of existence. Just like a child remembers a good story and loses interest in a bad one, we adults too react in the same way. Not just as mediums of entertainment, but stories have the power to motivate, change, and help us understand a new view. The same principle applies when you are trying to establish a brand. Today, when consumers are going through an age of information overload, and flooded with choices, differentiating a good story from a poor one has only a small margin of difference. That’s the reason why successful brands have been able to get through the competition and make an emotional connection with the end user.
Stories, as in b

8 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Spend Money on Branding to Sustain in Market

Brand is an invaluable asset of any business organization. A brand coherently represents the perception of the company’s customer services, product, reputation advertising and logo. When all of these attributes are working aptly, the overall brand tends to be healthy. Your brand is the way your consumers preview and accept as. Branding is the planned process of connecting your brand product to your mainline customers and creating an impactful perception of your company. No! Branding is not merely logos, hoarding, brochures design, it is much more than that. Branding is an inclusive process of setting an appropriate perception of your brand in the minds of the target customers of the market

Know the Importance of Product Packaging Design in Branding & Marketing

Do you want to know the importance of product packaging design in a branding context? Packaging design is the most important factor in marketing as consumer will first get to know about your business from product packaging design. Manufacturers are annually spending over $150 billion in product packaging globally. This roughly corresponds to about 7 to 10 cents that goes into bringing a product to the market. Much of the packaging design aims to make products look attractive, make consumption convenient or protecting from possible damages. If you are a kind of retailer who aims to sell physical products, the self is where your success is measured.

Product packaging has become an integral

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This makar sankranti we notice that very less chaos in the sky. There is environment sentiment for birds Or even Notebandhi was working well. New generation kids are wanting to be indoor rather than outdoors. And I think within a few years kite flying will matter ofthe past. Maybe it hurt many who are involved in the kite business, but it’s also hurting due to Chinese product flooded with cheap rates.

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“Amul brand was invented in the fifties. The five-decade old ad campaign revolving `Utterly Butterly Delicious’ and ‘Amul – Taste of India’ shows the consistency. We have given full freedom to the advertising agency. Our advertising cost is less than 1% of our turnover (last year, it was 0.8%) as against 10-20% spent by multinational food majors.”

Sh. RS Sodhi at dna News


Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

when you are selling same drink since last 100 years you need to create hype in the market with your product and that’s why coca cola has done this creative marketing thing.

same bottle shape, same drink just wrap with a unique label. HP is doing all this printing with its advanced print technology.


Get a free “CHAMPS” Pant Diaper at your door step.
Today A Marketing Campaign launched for our Client, Safio HealthCare for CHAMPS Pant Diapers. Newspaper advertisement published in Sandesh and Divya Bhaskar Newspapers in Gujarat Circle, and getting awesome responses today.

It does or dies situation for every product. it’s for new launch or well establish, rules are same for all.

On hearing 90% chances of failure of the start-ups, yes it makes it thoroughly important enough that every entrepreneurs analyse their venture systematically before making it producible in the market because it has the over-all efforts of human hours, financial and environmental resources invested for it.

One of the negative spots of the Indian local production market is, here the entrepreneurs are unaware of the difference between the huge market as a whole and the actual target market. They are ignorant towards the most important aspects of the products along with the production strategy, ie. the branding and the advertisement of the same.

The market in real sense is hu



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