It does or dies situation for every product. it’s for new launch or well establish, rules are same for all.

On hearing 90% chances of failure of the start-ups, yes it makes it thoroughly important enough that every entrepreneurs analyse their venture systematically before making it producible in the market because it has the over-all efforts of human hours, financial and environmental resources invested for it.

One of the negative spots of the Indian local production market is, here the entrepreneurs are unaware of the difference between the huge market as a whole and the actual target market. They are ignorant towards the most important aspects of the products along with the production strategy, ie. the branding and the advertisement of the same.

The market in real sense is huge and is highly effective of various factors prevailing in the economy. This market is divided economically, geographically, demographically and not to forget, the demand is the hybrid seed for all the roots of production. The ethnical diversity of geography may also be an obstacle for every product to be accepted throughout the country. The major area of focus should be, that is the product made by keeping in consideration the whole of the local market or not!

As India is developing the nation and connectivity between cities and villages are yet to improve, Government is investing lots of money and resources to interlink each and every town and city in India now this is the root cause of the stagnancy or the speed reducer of the every start-ups.

Current Indian era of manufacturer’s are masking Chinese production techniques because they have no essence of true inventors. India today, is the biggest supplier of fresh brains educated as engineers, doctors, scientists to the abroad Countries. The major reasons of such migration are the lack of consistency, adoptability, proper knowledge, cheap and disguised quality products. This encourages the young minds to flee off for the better options of developments.

The start-ups today are only focused on the plan of the manufacturing perspective of the product and they almost completely ignore and disregard the importance of designing and packaging development, distribution channels, advertisements, marketing cost and after sells and services. Thus this is right where they invite the failure to their doors.

The market wherein branding and packaging is the front face of any product, here the new ventures are spending less than 1% of production cost. Whereas the counterparts of western market spends more than 15% of production cost on the branding and packaging of the products. The saving on branding and packaging is no profit but only a major neglected loss. Today the designing and branding agencies invest huge efforts to develop and upfront a brand who stood firm in the every shelf of world market and yes, undoubtedly the efforts reap a successful harvest.

Thus making a small right choice of can lead your brand to hiking success.



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