Minimalist Logo

Wind of revolution is spreading to dominate brand of Cars. Within one month Two major VW and BMW come up with logo revamp Which quite stunning. There is significant uproar online regarding the way the emblem treat. But Time will tell us how this will be successful.

Both brands go for minimalist and explain that this will reflect the upcoming change in the product catalogue. The minimalist logo is the latest trend. A minimal approach is clean and comfortable to implement on the product or packaging or promotion. Its small world now and people notice little things also. And some branding so much loved that people refuse to take any change and company roll back the change, which happens to GAP branding.

Both companies dominate roads with many decades with carbon fule vehicle, but still, they do not initiate the wind of change in technology. Still, it is Tesla which pioneer in the EV mobility and now its Time for these big daddies to prove and provide new clean environment-friendly fuel technology-driven mobility.



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