Top 7 Emerging Product Packaging Design Trends for 2017

We trust what we see! Isn’t it true? We believe what our eyes see, ie. it tends to be a direct reflection of the object to our brain through the eyes. The packaging design market runs by the same policy. Packaging designs are the exterior outlook of the product. An attractive package design tends to imprint impactful impression on the viewer or the customer in precise. The packaging designing holds much of importance in captivating the attention of the customers through its innovative and expressive way of presentation in the market. Hence packaging designs must always stand out in the product shelf along with the impactful varieties of package designs upholding the essence of the product as well as brand in whole.

Worry not for we bring the best in class lists of top 7 innovative packaging design trends for 2017 to boost your brand. Let’s update our rack of trends by these newest of ideas to make a difference.

Innovative Packaging Design Trends for 2017

#1 Customized Shapes

Customized package designing when simply defined is the aspect of producing a container along with the apt use of graphics and visible effects for the outer projection of the product package design. The shape of a package or box gives protection and storage to the product and an additionally well-shaped package with unique angles stands out in the crowd of competition.  The irregular and extraordinarily structured package boxes always shows greater impact on the customer choices of new and attractive. Customized shapes can surely help you get ample number of buyers just through its varied essence of uniqueness in shape and structural design. Importance of Product Packaging Design is very high in terms of branding & marketing thus many businesses spends money on it.

For example: Mobile phone packaging can be structured in a book style box from one side open to two sides open, which will be your custom display symbolizing your brand.

#2 Sneak Peak – Transparent Packaging Design


Image Courtesy – Packagingoftheworld

From the viewpoint of the customer, mysterious products are jotted last in the list of buying because they are uncertain about the product inside the package. If customers don’t know how or what the product is, they may show refusal in buying the same and to change the scenario, the trend setters have introduced the transparent packaging. The transparent packages keep the product visible to the customer, which gives a sense of reliability and makes customers ascertain about the product.  Transparency along with creativity in the package designing has made great impact on the buyer’s choice and it surely triggers the acceptability factor in general. Sometimes companies sells their products outside their country and the packages might have the local language on it which might not be understandable for other people. Here, transparent product packaging design helps for both business and customers in terms of sells.

For Example: The transparent package designing of the various edible items gives the customer a satisfaction of the familiarity and requirement of the product.

#3 Textured Packaging

smirnoff packaging design

A grip on the product when held must tend to comfort the needs of the buyers. In layman’s language, the customer must feel the grip of the product. The brands in the modern market are working towards the textured package designing which gives the grip on the product and maintains the essence of the product too. Textured packages with a touch of creativity shall undoubtedly speak for its demand in the market. Textured packaging is latest trend in market and products are flooded with this kind of packaging designs.

For example: The juice cans, Wine/Whiskey bottles or the perfume bottles with comfortable grip make the product more users friendly.

#4 Vintage look Packaging Design

vintage packaging design

Image Courtesy – Package Inspiration

The statement, old is gold has never turned too old to believe. Likewise in the era of modernity we all crave for things with old and antic touch. For the buyers, nostalgia is a strong feeling of attachment towards old and classy and this positively impacts the product with a package embedding a vintage look. The package with old cultured print and fonts gives a rich and antic look to the product thus attracting the core part of the targeted market.

For Example: The historic specifications used to make the unique automobile products make them desirous to the customers due to its vintage look and class.

#5 Illustrations on Packaging

Illustrative designs are the diagrammatic interpretation or visual explanation of the concept. Illustration package design attracts mostly all the age groups of the society. Not only the young but also the older age group has shown positive response towards the packages portraying illustration designs. For Example; Coco-cola Company uses the illustration package design and has a great impact on the market.

For Example: The diagrammatic presentation of characters in the form of story on the packaging of chocolates or candy bars is the perfect way of captivating all the age groups of the market.

#6 Theme Design

cadbury packaging design

Image Courtesy – Chocolate Christmas

It is important for a brand to analyse the current scenario and how they attach their brand with the trend. Brands emphasise on packaging designs relating to the future festivals which marks a noteworthy increase in the sales of the product. Under theme based packaging design concept, the emotional aspect of the targeted market are also made up to the mark for better selling results of the product. Packaging design is part of branding and it’s crucial for businesses to spend money on branding to sustain in the market. Many businesses often do deep research on their products, customer’s feedback, industry competitors and than take strategic decisions. Companies don’t prepare their packaging design just before the festivals. They always implements packaging ideas months before and launches their products with theme design before 1 month of festivals. Theme based packaging design is very popular in food industries as we have often see many food products have festival theme designs.

For Example: The emotional and family related concepts of designing by the Cadbury company before the festival of Rakshbandhan or Diwali helps boost the sales of their family pack of Cadbury celebration sweets.

#7 Smart Digital Packaging

In the swipe and buy era the importance of the smart digital packaging products has increased to a great extent. Smart digital packaging reflects the product sold online through digital medium. These online products have most effective mannerism of packaging products which keeps the product storable and safe until the delivery of the same in the hands of buyers. The digital packaging is the mega transforming criteria as concerned to the selling market. May it be an edible item or a cosmetic product, the smart digital packaging makes a remarkable hike in its promotion and speedy acceptance in the market.

For example: The L’Oreal’s makeup guideline app not only allow the women to virtually try its cosmetics products using augmented reality but also purchase direct through priceline online.

Thus the detailed description makes it quite important to draw attention towards your packaging designing trends in this modern era.  They accept what they see and thus show them your best in the very first look of the product. Customers should easily be able to connect their want or desire with your product. The impactful packaging designs may surely tend to be a point of transformation not only for your product but also for your brand image in a whole.

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